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Automated Industrial Solutions has been applying new technologies for industry for years.  This is your portal to custom automation design and implementation.  We have been serving industry for over 10 years and are proud of the accomplishments our support and services.

Automated Industrial Solutions is a full service company with "turn key" installations.  We have established a reputation in the industry for excellence in our products and services. Our custom solutions for our clients use the best of new cutting edge technologies that meet the demand of every day expectation of reliability.  AIS deploys systems that are very reliable, user-friendly and flexibility for future expansion.  Each system goes through extensive details to insure that the client gets the exact solution for the clients needs.  We will spend as much time as necessary with the client to insure completeness and timely deployment of their system.

Our main focus up to this point has been developing the best control systems for blending fertilizer.  We offer complete hardware and software solutions and have control systems running in Venezuela, Australia, Africa, Canada, and all over the US.  We are now offering this to other industries which also do volumetric, loss in weight, batching, or gain in weight blending.  

Every system goes through rigorous testing and debugging before it ever leaves our doors.  This insures that at commissioning, delays and set backs are illuminated. Our philosophy of "Doing it right the first time" means we don't waste our time and more importantly, your time by doing it over.